The Enslavement of Mankind
Copyright 2003 by Frank Weltner. All Rights Reserved.



All nations tend toward self-destruction in the name of tolerance.

Tolerance is another name for destruction.

Tolerance is used by minorities to promote their interests, and, when tolerance reaches the level of perfection which is all powerful for minority forces, it is used to displace the present majorities with minorities, thus ending the force of a nation’s will and direction.

Minorities represent non-national interests. As such, minorities are a subversive and evil influence upon the peace and quiet of the majority.

A majority exists in a nation because of climactic forces of history, which tend toward the establishment of vast homelands for persons with common interests. There is no other reason for a people to exist than to protect their commonality of race, inheritance, and culture.

Like the United States, Britain, France, Russia, and Germany, the Roman Empire entered foreign nations and allowed their people to come to Rome and corrupt their ways of life.

This corruption of babbling mouths and ideas deflected the ironclad strength of the Roman nation and ended its ability to keep its head straight.

The same thing is happening here in St. Louis, New York, London, and Moscow with Negroes, Jews, Bosnians, Asians, Mexicans, and other users of the INS who have little in common with White Christians and want only to destroy us.

And we let them corrupt our nations out of a false sense of tolerance, a tolerance they feed upon like a Satanist eating the raw head of a rabbit and caring less about the pain their hunger to kill us off inflicts.

Democracy has become a story about destroying its majority people, as it always was.

Tolerance is the first refuge of those who use it to destroy a nation, and democracy is the tale of an idiot used by minorities to inflict their insidiousness upon a country.

Religion is the refuge of nationhood and of subversive behaviors.

If religion is reflected in the entire population, it becomes the cement that aids in developing common ideas, which in turn keep a people together and functional.

If religion becomes multi-cultural, pointing in different directions, it becomes anti-majority and subversive of cohesiveness. When this occurs, democracy begins complete with its standards of many flags, each of which both angers and pleases, causing a rising crescendo of hatreds, fears, curses. These objects and reactions of hated voices are a loud noise called "tolerance" but which is really the first sign of a culture debasing itself with extraneous and hurtful voices, none of which are useful to any but a small minority who are up to no good.

Learn from history. Multi-Culturalism is a disease, a symptom of the dysfunctioning and heavily infected Body Politic.

The first thing Christians did with Constantine's Roman Edicts of Tolerance was to tear down and destroy all of the Roman Pantheon of Gods, burn the libraries, and establish the rule of darkness known as the Dark Ages of Europe.

Multi-Culturalism is democracy at its worst, just as it is right here. Multi-Culturalism killed our cities and our schools, forcing the majorities to flee for their sanity.

The darkness is coming on the flapping wings of the multiculturals' hatred for us.

Our time is ending, all because of the foolishness of words and logic dressed in the fanaticism of Tolerance which prances across the national stage which is clearly owned and manipulated by well-orchestrated minority interests who are bent on destroying us.

Cold steel and brutal force against our internal enemies is the answer.

No matter if the intrusive infection in the Body Politic be the ideals of a Christian in a Moslem Nation or a Jew in a Christian Nation or a Christian in a Jewish Nation, the effect is the same: Dysfunction, Fear, Hurtfulness, Social and Mental Illness, Corruption, Tolerance of Evils.

A new religion injected into a state where the religious wars are already won, means the rebeginning of new religious warfare in which the outcome once again is uncertain, where mental and spiritual bloodletting will go on until one or the other religion or all of them are totally wiped out.

All of the corruptions of immigration by non-Christians in the USA and most of Europe were caused by the single imposition of a sole religion into a totally Christian state of affairs, and that religion which was tolerated was Judaism.

The outcome was totally predictable.

In America and Europe, Jews used tolerance to infiltrate government headquartered in the District of Columbia and to increase the pressure upon their Christian hosts, the same way Christians two thousand years ago infiltrated Rome and increased their pressures upon their Pagan hosts until Paganism disappeared and the books and temples supporting it were either burned or expropriated or both, and a new common good and way established. Like in the USA and Europe, which tended toward Empire instead of Nation, the way for this destruction in ancient Rome had been partially cleared by an over-extended nation that had permitted itself to be wasted in a widely stretching Empire in the Mediterranean Sea which was the transportation center for its colonial madness.

Because of the wide number of nations crushed by the Roman heel, Rome required its own exploited citizens to tolerate many foreign cultures within its ever-extending shield, allowing by mandate the Roman "tolerance of evil" to enter their lands and farms in the form of foreign ideas, ways, and intrigues, all centered on the idea of minorities newly injected into the body politic and set upon carving out niches for each foreign culture and together ganging up on and destroying the original Romanness of the majority interests and doing so year by insideous year until the death knell of Roman culture had been struck and the corpse was readied for burial.

By the time Christianity showed its ugly head to the Pagans in Rome and its over-extended colonies, "tolerance" had already carved away any semblance of Roman reality among the original Pagans, and the confused and disorganized collection of idiots left in the Empire were just a cacophony of decadence, unrelated religious objects, and warm males/females with sexual lusts. The softening of the central culture had already rendered its carcass clean and sparkling to the Christian infection.

This culture was passed down to Europe and America, and the Jewish infection along with later infusions of Moslem, Chinese, and other influences, all ganged up in a political party known as Democrats, plunged forward, eating away at the body politic in the name of newness, corruptions, and such ideals as "a breath of fresh air" to describe the rancidness of spoiling a nation's inheritance. Thus, the single Jewish infection of the religious structure of the Europeans began to corrupt the whole, because a single infection left untreated shall always weaken and eventually lay waste the entire host.

Year by year, the Jews struck at the soul of these empires, trading tolerance of their ways via an exchange of daggers. So, Jacob Javitts and Immanuel Cellar opened the floodgates of evil upon the Americans in 1965 with the Immigration Act which so remarkably stopped immigration of majority groups and began to gush into the body politic only those from competing cultures and ways--i.e., Jews, Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, communists, and others. Christians were only welcome if their skins were not white and their languages not English. The insult was increased with the Frank Lautenberg Amendment which was authored by another Jewish American in the long tradition of daggers thrust by Jews into the heart of their Tolerant Hosts. It reached the point in the State of the Union Address in the Year 2000 when all of Congress rose and applauded as President Clinton announced that soon the majority people would be a minority in their own lands, so insideous was the onslaught of Jewish propaganda in their media outlets, rendering the American people totally mentalized into accepting and even in welcoming their destruction. Such is the insideousness and evil of tolerance, as it is returned with just the opposite: Not with tolerance but with total intolerance of the majority, and bent on its annihilation as the final act of disloyalty.

Likewise, Christianity from Europe cursed the rest of the world. The Christian menace sent forth its missionaries to block out large tracts of the world for religious exploitation, turning both the innocent and cruel religions of the world’s uncharted nations into new crummy Christian holdings, corrupting the old ways, seducing cultures into laying down their arms and dying into mock European ways, thus becoming utterly destroyed. The result was hundreds of displaced ideas, cultures filled with neurosis, fears, distrust, and feelings of betrayal of ancestral ways, which are still reverberating across the Earth’s orb.

It matters not a whit if the infection of a culture be by Jews, Christians, or Moslems or some other menace to the public good, because the outcome is always the same: The original culture is destroyed and more likely as not a foreign people are imported by the original infectious cells to replace those whose legalized or militarily occupational tolerance of the new arrivals was unwise, imprudent, and traitorous.


The word "tolerance" presents a verbal problem, because it infers the absolute truth, and it is a biological truth: Tolerance means an ability to build up a "tolerance" for a poison. And racial and ethnic introductions into the body politic are indeed a poison to be reckoned with, one which will eventually surely kill us.