The Enslavement of Mankind
Copyright 2003 by Frank Weltner. All Rights Reserved.



In all of the centuries of mankind, stretching from the City of Ur to its modern urbanity, a counterpart which is named New York City, a sentient time that slides through the ages to the final edge of human history at which we have arrived, which runs from 7,000 BC to the present day, civilization has continuously enslaved the human condition. This enslavement is accomplished by various forms of governance and control including but not restricted entirely to rules, tyrannies, and the total denial of our personal responsibility to care for our own behavioral and biological needs, which at one time, a time far more quaint and hospital to us, when what was termed the God given natural right of our "freedom to act" was still respected in its entirety.

Nowhere in human history has this naturally evolved freedom been squelched as effectively as in our present electronic age. This is an age of evolving technology in which everything you write or think may soon be understood by keenly interested minds whose only concern is supplying that information to whatever government or corporation gives them the crumbs from which they consume their life’s nutritional requirements plus a few trips to a local shopping sanctuary or consumer temple.

In recent history, the control has been keenly applied in such a way to insure that we have become a sedentary nation of passively entertained workers. Instead of honest work to supply ourselves with daily food and shelter, our hands now reach for millions of plastic keyboards as our eyes focus upon illuminated screens.

Instead of the honest work of ploughs, our times are bound up with endless tasks, most of which could be eliminated without the least reduction in productivity.

This devolution of activity aids government to divorce men from their means of self-reliance, thus making the local, regional and central authorities essential for the maintenance of distribution of these means of survival, which everyone now requires to sustain their lives.

In nature, most activities are aligned along the simplest paths. Complexities such as are found in modern electronic-enslavement are not possible. Although viewed through the lens of society, the interaction of plants and animals seems controlled by a guiding hand (which is the symbol of governmental enslavement issues), in biological situations there is no centralized control. In nature, all activities are of a local nature, and the individual is paramount.

Today, we tend to anthropromorphize life, seeing natural hands controlling all worldly ecosystems as though a God or government who cares is present. Nothing could be less truthful.

Interactions among ecosystem units which produce a seemingly complex governance of nature is nonetheless the outcome of millions of individuals performing singular functions. Individuality is the guiding force that insures that all of nature will perform, and without such individuality, all ecosystems would fail as soon as the God or governance unit broke down.

This is the underlying flaw in government.

That government, acting as a non-collective mind clothed in the myth of collective activity, is a kind of super-mind that controls individual lives. Like all minds, governments eventually break down, causing the dissolution and/or painful deaths of many millions of the individuals that its interference in their natural methods of self reliance have removed from the ability to self-sustain.

When the government reaches a condition of social insanity that self-destructs, the individuals relying upon its contortions to survive, perish from famine, disease, lack of infrastructure, and an inability to think for themselves which is the keynote of all government power.