The Enslavement of Mankind
Copyright 2003 by Frank Weltner. All Rights Reserved.



The punishment for a people who enter another people’s nation under the protection of laws of tolerance and who then use their influence to destroy them through immigration of those who are culturally misfitted to them must be severe.

The ultimate answer is ridding the victim culture of those who inflicted such horrible damage to its people. This requires a punishment that is extremely severe, because it must rise to the level of the original intent of the insult, which was to destroy an entire people, using their laws against them and rubbing those laws in their faces.

Such a punishment, to rise to the same level of evil which would be the only way to insure real justice is either extermination or deportation, and one or the other must be done as rapidly as possible; otherwise, the end of the victimized culture is certain.

The Communist-Globalist-Zionist cabal which inflicted multiculturalism upon America could be deported to Israel; however, to do this would be to reward them with a punishment which is similar to that of punishing a Christian or Moslem by sentencing them to spend eternity in Heaven. Israel is the place they created and wish to use as their sanctuary if and when they are removed from victimized nations such as the United States of America, which they are very intent upon destroying.

To allow perpetrators of such evil to chose their means of punishment is wrong, because they see such a punishment as a kind of just reward, and "a just reward" for evil is not in any way a suitable punishment.

In addition, the Jews chose to come to the United States, because (1) it was available, (2) there was wealth that was to be had there, and (3) the nation had a tradition of tolerance which could be used to strangle it to death by anyone so wishing to do that, and small tribes such as the Jews have a way of knowing what is good for them, and "tolerance" itself is a brilliantly burning candle which draws those with bad intentions toward the flame. Tolerance is a way of saying, "Come here, and I will allow you to live in peace. In addition, I may even give you the means to misuse me and destroy me using these same laws."

And so it goes. And so it went.

What then would be the appropriate punishment? Anyone wanting true justice would subject a thief to thievery of his own goods, subject a murderer to murder of himself by the state or the relatives of the victims, subject a banker who forecloses on a home to homelessness in the streets. The very act of an evil man should, in most ways, subject him to the very same acts he perpetrated upon others; such should be his punishment. What goes around comes around when punishment is meted out.

The appropriate punishment for destroying the culture, peace, and security of a nation of people by bastardizing their culture, race, religion, philosophy, language, and ways of life is to have the same returned unto them in a like or magnified manner. In this way, the persons who committed these atrocities against the welcome mat of tolerance are themselves subjected to the same situation they attempted to foist upon their host and willing victim.

In no way should the perpetrator ever be allowed to determine the sanctuary to which he will be sent, for that would be a reward for evil. Instead, the perpetrators should be sentenced to live in a place, which offers little solace in terms of wealth, security, or a future destiny. In addition, they should be placed in a situation in which their own religion, philosophies, wealth, genetics, and race will be destroyed completely, the same as they wished for their host whom they have victimized, and, if possible, the low life’s whom they brought in for the purpose should be allowed to victimize them alone and to do so with relish and completeness. In this way, the punishment would be dictated by the crime which would be turned against the evildoers themselves and not the innocent host whom their actions injured.

Thus, as Napoleon was sent to the windswept island of Elba, so should the Jews and their host of imports be sent to an inhospitable and hostile geographical area and forced to remain there in perpetuity, and the world at large should be put on notice that anyone attempting to rescue them would face similar circumstances and that such activity would be considered an act of war requiring the severest consequences.

Such suitable places should be inhospitable, ugly, and containing. In addition, such a sanctuary for evil persons such as these should allow for survival, but not necessarily on a high level. The most important element in this is containment. The Jews should never again be allowed to enter another country, even for a moment, but because of the severity and long-lasting nature of their crimes against humanity—e.g., communism, immigration to culturally destroy their host people, banking, media domination, and general overall exploitation of the masses—the Jews must forever be forced to live in isolation and quarantine or not at all. That is how dangerous they are to everyone.

Such places could include Greenland which is extremely hostile to human life but which is manageable to a people as intelligent as the Jews. Other answers could be one or two of the large islands in Indonesia where tropical heat is severe, yet the islands themselves are contained and survivable, as they have supported millions of people for many years.

Here, the Jews along with their Negroes, Hispanics, Chinese, Moslems, and others that they have piped into America, Australia, and Western Europe, could be contained forever, isolated from general humanity, and, if they attempted to escape or to change the attitudes of the world to let them go to exploit and destroy again, they could then be summarily killed in a rapid manner, thus saving the world from their onslaughts of hideousness.

As the Jews have tried to create the illusion among white girls that black boyfriends are appropriate mates for them and for future marriages, so Jews themselves should face this consequence. Each Jew should be forced to do the same, to marry a Negro and to do so generation after generation until their race disappears into their genetic mass. In this way, the evil the Jews wanted to pass to whites shall pass to them and justice will be perfected upon them in the fairest way.