The Enslavement of Mankind
Copyright 2003 by Frank Weltner. All Rights Reserved.



Whenever you purchase a product, you have become entrapped in someone elseís financial trap.

The web of consumer craving curls its tendrils around your needs, many of whom are not real needs but induced cravings given to you by the media manipulators.

They have conspired to seduce your mind. Day after day, they parade visions of new products, most of whom were not even developed a year or two distant, for the express purpose of creating in you an insatiable desire just to own them. This is similar to the conditioning of dogs in Soviet science, and is the Pavlovian syndrome applied to economic stratagems.

Most of these products have no value until they are shown in the midst of beautiful persons, those with whom you would love to be associated. They are the big lie, because they have nothing to do with these products except for the checks they receive for being photographed next to them.

Marketing is the Big Lie, the Ministry of Economic Propaganda, the Nazification of Capital Goods Promotion. Americaís Madison Avenue is the next big Goebbels.

You, as the consumer, are the German innocent who joins in the rallies, whose opening wallet is the Sieg Heil of the Economic Master Race. For, your outstretched hand with dollars represents the cardinal rule of buying and selling, the handshake between manipulation and manipulatee.

As a buyer, you are the new Nazi, the follower, the one whose mind has been ironed back by the hands of the cruel masters of your every idea, the ones who control your eyes and ears through the modern device of media monopolization. All the films, news stories, soaps, music videos, become the means to propel you into the adventure of the modern age which takes you as a little child by the hand, offering a motherís love, if you only will decide to own particular capital products that would mean nothing to you if you had not seen them over and over, and, once purchased, will be tossed away when their magic promises prove to be another lie out of many.

The unfairness of this manipulation aside, the devastation to the environment of people moving about in large automobiles and SUVís, jet aircraft, and other conveyances requiring iron, plastic, and petroleum in large quantities, is the final absurdity. Most of these conveyances are products, which would best be left without fruition, for the world would be better served with persons staying home, living in self-reliance. But the money lenders, launders, and counterfeiters, would not fare well that way. They require constant feeding through the marketing of their useless and sometimes harmful products.

It can be said that new inventions like tractors have made farms far more productive. This is totally false. The invention of the internal combustion tractor was an immense error. At its outer edge, it was advantageous only to a new realm of endless and wasteful activity; it caused the devastation of time and material, lives and parts of lives lost entirely in endless exploration of oil products, building of polluting refineries, transportation of fuels, the endless manufacturing of engines and tractors, the vulcanizing rubber factories, the employment of lawyers to offset lawsuits by consumers, and all of the associated things needed to keep the Rube Goldberg society of useless and expensive inventions alive.

The only winner of the internal combustion engine catastrophe are the masters of capital inducement who require endless activities in the pursuit of nothing, activities to which they can hook their little metal begging tins. These are the builders of cars, filling stations, garages, parking lots, parts stores, and the thousands of useless support industries required to supplant the simplicity and goodness of the horse and oxen that once lived side by side with the farm families of the past, which required none of these useless activities, only requiring the grass that man could not even digest.

Some will argue that our standard of living is far higher than ever before. They are totally in error.

The standard of living is no higher right now than it was before. In fact, in the immediate past there was a lot of land owned by free men and total independence. People raised their own food, wove their own garments, built what little conveyances they required to enter the nearest town over a lumpy road. They lived a higher lifestyle than ever before.

The situation is totally altered. Where once there was self reliance and pride, when men were masculine and women were feminine worshippers of men, now there is an environment of poverty where almost no one owns property, where titles are kept in bank vaults, where interest rates consume endless salaries, a land of buyers, sellers, rentals, usuries, contractual swindles, interdependence, lust for products that are useless, and all of which cause an endless working in slavery of a new sort which never delivers us from poverty but continues to place us into shackles to the money lenders who are arrayed to destroy us.