The Enslavement of Mankind
Copyright 2003 by Frank Weltner. All Rights Reserved.



When in the course of national events, it becomes evident that the honor and principles of freedom have been hijacked by a small minority of clever and manipulative men and guided onto a journey that is contrary to the interests of the nation at large, it is the rightful duty of the people themselves to toss off the yoke of indifferent elitists who have so endangered their national security and by force to extricate themselves from the dangers inherent in their situation.

In these desperate times, our nationís people must muster the courage and will to take back their sacred honor, to identify and deport their enemies, and man defensible borders for their present and future protection and to insure that their foes shall never again be allowed to return in a Trojan horse to destroy us.

These are times that try the human soul and lay waste the broken hearts of those not fit to ride out the sordid winds of propaganda forged by our enemies to unseat our courage and bring us back to our impending ruin. Yet, if we stay the course, steadfastly manning the oars of each individual boat, then the fleet shall surely reach the shore and our soldiersí feet shall touch down safely to meet the enemyís evil stance against us.

We have been entered by a trojan horse which has carried our enemies into our heartlands and into the very cores of our cities, an enemy so far advanced in evil intelligence and abilities to persuade men to follow directions against their national interests that our situation seems desperate and powerless. Everything we say they will use against us. Their incredible intellect for propaganda and deceitful motivation, honed by their reduction of the Holy Russian Empire into the Evil Empire of the Soviet Union by a handful of traitors from outside that nation, who were implanted into it as its specific own trojan horse, in the name of goodness and rightful proclamations of social upheaval, were able to change the course of human history and turn its head into the pale of hatred from whence their power has always best resided.

These proclamations of hate by their groups against patriotic groups and persons in both the Holy Mother of Russia and into the heart of the United States and all western democracies are useful to their stratagems of deceit by which they have laid waste the heart of each people while they transplanted their nations with alien races and religions, mixing them like sands within the hourglasses of doom which they have prepared for their destruction.

Our feet rest inside the battlefield of our last hours, hours in which our nation which is already impaled upon the constant sword thrusts of their hateful spew of propaganda. They have prepared a battlefield against us in which they have supplanted our national interests at large and transformed them into their own interests into which they have molded our minds with their cunning methods of gathering our eyes and ears together on an hourly basis to hear their words and see their pictures upon our media receptors, be they radio or television or film or internet or newspapers.

These words which they alone now hold the keys to supplying to us in their monopolistic assembly of media properties, which is their deadly field of battle against our interests, is used by them solely to support their minuscule minority interest in controlling and utilizing us for their desire to dominate the world through deceitful practices.

Our mission is to interrupt their flow of deceit, to transform their properties from Trojan horses to impotent mules by silencing them and making certain that they no longer reach our peopleís minds, for, until they are silenced in this way, our people shall continue to drink of their poisons and realize the slow deaths which tolerance for their evil aims imports to us.

We must stop their magazines and newspapers, cut off their satellites, destroy and/or capture their radio and television studios, and use them to our own advantage and against theirs.

Only then, in the battlefield of ideas, once we have taken control of what they now control and use against us, only then, can we match them wit for wit in the field of ideas and take back what is our racial and national destiny.

The world of hurt in which they have placed us was unnecessary, capricious, and wanton. It is a display of egregious wrongs inflicted by a colonializing master race of persons who have been convinced since ancient times of their right to run roughshod over the other members of the human race, turning us into their own personal drones.

They have bought up and utilized the media to magnify their voices a million times so that their desires and venom has dripped across our nationís plate on a daily basis, ripping the veil from lady liberty, and placing across her face the pale of minority views all clothed in a sweet sounding melody of entertainment, news, and opinions which they have carefully selected to keep us quiet, securely settled, and confined. Any attempt to rebel against their control in these matters has been met with vicious lies concerning the wrongness of not allowing them to continue their indoctrination of our youth, our leaders, and our population at large.

We are fully compromised by them, their Trojan horses are placed in each of our homes and cities in the form of their indoctrinations through their media holdings, so that nary a moment passes when they are not whispering their lies into our ears. And all the while, their money has been corrupting our leaders in Congress and the White House and the System of Justice where their words are magnified a thousand times beyond what their numbers would normally assume as their due diligence. Instead, this tiny group of conspiring persons, uniformly collected within their ancient tribe with all of its collaborating structures and sentiments, has assumed a hideously immense wealth of powerful tools based on their ownership and control of vast banking and financial empires, factories, grants institutions, universities, medical groups, governmental departments including the Justice, Defense, Interior, Treasury, and State Departments where their numbers are actually larger in many cases than those of the 98% of the population who are not like them at all.

In so doing, they have also conspired to remove us from our own lands by importing aliens with alien gods, political machines, agendas, skin colors, and disease conditions which have continued to poison our body politic and have even enlisted our Presidents and Congresses to applaud concerning statements of our impending doom as a people in our own lands.

For these evils and ethically doomed agendas by our internal enemy forces, we must declare our independence, our constant warfare, and our duty to expel them and their Trojan horse properties from our presence and declare that not only shall all of their kind be either killed and/or expelled from our nation in the name of the public good and honor, but to insure forever that they are likewise expelled from all other nations in whom they will conspire to turn them against us and become our enemies for having fought so successfully to remove them.

The battlefield in which we fight today are our hearts, our cities, our farms, all of which have been entered and compromised by their insidious motives and propaganda missions. Their presses and banks represent their front troop positions in these battles and it is these that we must first possess and/or destroy in order to defeat them. As long as our colonizers are allowed to manipulate us with our own media and currencies, we are doomed to failure.

The moment we rise up and grab the mantle of respectability from them which their control of media and money falsely gives to them on a daily basis, they are doomed to defeat at our hands. Our first mission is to reach a small number of our own people, enough to grab these possessions from our enemies and to use them as they have done to magnify our voices a million times, to corrupt our Presidents and Congress into doing what is right for America instead of what has been so wrong for her.

When we do these things in honor of our people, our founding fathers, our progeny, and our future generations, cleaning ourselves of our ethnic detractors, then we shall rise once again to the greatness that God has always intended for us.

Our future includes the colonization of vast ocean planets similar to our own, the planting of the flag of freedom, and the constant vigilance against evil persons such as those who have colonized us, deflected our missions, and set about to utilize in our destruction. Instead, by supplanting our supplanters, by deceiving our deceivers, by ruling over them and not having them rule over us, we shall come to the future that was always intended for us, once the serpent of their wicked presence is removed from our watchful eyes forever.