The Enslavement of Mankind
Copyright 2003 by Frank Weltner. All Rights Reserved.



Our lives have been transformed into currency transactions. These are not the stuff of human beings. They are the stuff of banking and finance organizations, each of which is inhuman, shows no emotion, and is totally unforgiving of human shortcomings.

Banks are non-human entities. They can never live. Instead, they are machines built of paper, which contain ledgers, which are eternalized memories in which an artificial "balance" between owned and owners are things that are daily articulated by computerized software.

The people exist in their own sphere. Banks mean nothing to them. Perhaps they will use a checking account or have a savings program at a local bank, but for the most part, people are not close to their banks.

If they need a loan to buy something, they will go there to have their credit analyzed in accordance with systematic rules that will determine whether or not their human lives have been altered in such a way that bankers feel secure in dealing with them. If they have shown an unwillingness to relegate their lives to the banking ways, they will not qualify for a loan, in which case they may be even more fortunate than their neighbors. For many neighbors have lost their homes by dealing with banks.

You cannot lose you home if you own it and refuse to take out a loan. Only the fool uses his home as security for a debt.

Private property was originally instituted as an instrument of banking policy. Communally owned property cannot be used as collateral for the securing of a debt, but private property becomes the vehicle used by banks to insure their loans will be repaid, because the alternative is they will confiscate all or part of your private property.

The concept of private property is a misnomer that makes no sense. If property can be taken by a bank for a debt, it is not private to the owner. Instead, it is public to the owner, because it can be publicly taken and auctioned off to pay off part or all of a debt. Such an easily transferable title to property is in no way private. Its main intent is to confiscate and take away all privacy and security otherwise inherent in ownership.