The Enslavement of Mankind
Copyright 2003 by Frank Weltner. All Rights Reserved.



The question is whether or not we shall allow those who say they are of us yet are not of us but of a minute and closely held international league of peoples like themselves and not like us to lead us in a show of false patriotism. In this charade, they always pretend to be like us when they are not like us at all, and, many times, in their monopoly newspapers, they try to lead us into the hell of our souls which comes whenever we have been coaxed into surrendering to their alien and anti-American cause.

Through their ownership of our organs of thought and propaganda, the national and local media, which they have cleverly bought up and placed inside their safety deposit boxes using their well oil wallets and banking accounts which they achieved by dominating our banking system which is really not ours at all but theirs they have been able to establish an alien monopoly over most of our cherished ideals of freedom, to kidnap it, interrogate it, and reshape it to suit the needs of their non-American goals and objectives which are internationalist and anti-American.

In many cases, our national interests have been carjacked and trivialized so that the interests of non-Americans are now said, in their biggest lie of lies, to be the real interest of Americans, and they tell us from their forest of trees which they have made into their vicious and sweet sounding newsprint stories is the interest of Americans. To listen to them, you would think that the white farmer in Mississippi and the urban dweller of African descent has nothing better to do with his nation than to import Moslem from Iraq to live with them and immerse themselves into the present Marxist United States Welfare-McDonalds Hamburger-Westfield Shopping Mall Culture as a competing worker and consumer so that everything that the present day American wants to achieve now has to include the needs of these foreign workers and consumers who are somehow, in the parlance of these anti-American liars in our presses, more American than those who were born and raised here.

For many years, our national will has been inveigled and mesmerized by hideous ideals that are so anti-American and anti-Nationalist that no nation worth its salt and desiring to protect its people from alien invasions would even allow it. Yet, by misshaping our sentiments of freedom of expression, these traitors to all Americans, no matter of what diversity they came originally and express in their national will and expression, these traitors who own our eyes and our ears through their careful conspiracy to monopolize and eternally hold our media to their ever speaking mouths, whisper constantly to us that, unless we give away our nation to absolute foreigners, then our national will to be good hosts will have come to naught, as though, in their twisted minds, Americans exist in order to host others to come and park within their midst.

Nothing could be more seditious, more repugnant, and more laughable than these traitorous and hateful anti-American sentiments of our press owning enemies, and, if they did not own these presses, their words would never be heard by anyone. Yet, by buying up these organs of expression and monopolizing them to their alien and foreign will, they have been able to capturing not only our national will to survive and twist it into a national will to destroy ourselves, but also they have been able to pacific and acquiesce us in our destructive tendencies to believe them.