The Enslavement of Mankind
Copyright 2003 by Frank Weltner. All Rights Reserved.



Institutions troll their members for patriots and statist adherents of all types. Such entities as schools and universities, for instance, lecture students on governmental laws and present Presidencies and Congresses as artificially interesting subsets of the American experience. Thus, a student with no interest in political happenings is corrupted into his focusing attention, albeit momentarily, on governmental structures when their general predilections to do so by merely stumbling upon these issues would be next to zero in their probability. However, through the rigidly programmed and structured artifices of teachers, textbooks, and coursework, the student is forced like a narrow light beam on them. Each day he is forced by the teacher to spoon feed himself information on these issues from several points of view, winding down historical, current event, and philosophical paths to which he is ultimately led to the corrupting conclusion that these things really matter to him, otherwise why would these classes focus on them so intensely as though they meant something.

Since institutions in America are forced to stay away from certain "forbidden topics" such as sex, religion, and deviant behaviors due to a subset of restrictions set forth either in Constitutional law, federal law, state law, local law, parental beliefs and objections, and other variants at the local school or college level, most of them agree on several issues surrounding these forbidden topics.

Religious leaders sometimes accuse schools of violating their rights, because they teach evolution or sex education or introduce the student to copycat motivational programs which can in some ways mimic the ways churches move people’s hearts and therefore jealous religious leaders say should not be so used.

Religion itself is forbidden as a topic of conversation, even though the vast majority of students may either believe in God, attend churches regularly, or have some other connection with faith based realities.

In not teaching religion, schools send a message to students that religious beliefs are not important, that a secular, humanist, or atheist demeanor is what is best suited for success in school or college. If students persist in talking about religion in classes, they are sometimes sent to the guidance counselor’s office where they receive counseling in correct behavior and are told that religion is forbidden in school, because it might offend someone’s parents.

Thus, the public school system becomes as a natural part of is being, an atheistic school system. Although this also violates the separation of church and state myth (myth because the ACLU cannot find that phrase in the Constitution yet uses it consistently in courts of law as though it resides there), nonetheless schools are allowed to play the fool on this issue. As a result, the vast majority of parents and students are daily insulted and offended by the lack of religious education. The only answer that schools have for this is that a very small percentile of students might be offended and that therefore the vast majority must suffer for the well being of these culprits who are perpetrators of religious bigotry and intolerance.

Recently, the ADL has poisoned the school experience by bringing its top thugs into the picture, visiting teachers and principals behind the backs of the students and their parents, usually in silence and stealth so that they will never know what they are doing in this regard. The irony is that the ADL of B’nai B’rith, a Jewish organization with a budget for propagandizing and corrupting the Republic, should never be allowed near any governmental institution, because the separation of church and state requires, according to the ACLU a total wall between such obviously religious organizations and public institutions. Abraham Foxman, President of the ADL, said in his letter to The Jerusalem Post on November 11, 2005, "When the Alliance Defense Fund says that ‘court victories are vital steps to ... reclaim the legal system for Jesus Christ’ that points to intention to threaten America's pluralistic society which is at the heart of Jewish security." This statement is like the pot calling the kettle black. Foxman’s ADL attempts consistently to make America into the Jew’s image of America as a "pluralistic society," which may not be the intent best suited to "Christian security" at all. In fact, one can argue that the majority, while empowering the minority to operate unopposed, has signed its own death warrant, because its tolerance of Jews has rapidly escalated into total intolerance of the majority will by the most miniscule of minorities who are the Jewish people in America who are only about 2% or 1-in-50 persons, a number that does not even require being listened to by its poverty of numbers, since nothing done to it, harming it, or demeaning it would ever harm the majority’s interest one bit. Nonetheless, the majority has bent over backwards to tolerate the poisoning of the American government by Jewish interests which run quite contrary to those of Christianity which is the religion of the nation. So, the Jews have painted themselves into a corner by saying that Christian interests must take a back seat to those of the Jews.

Nonetheless, the Jewish Lobby has been far more successful in its corruption of governmental officers through its large budget which it uses to bribe and entangle Senators, Representatives, and Presidents into kowtowing to everything that AIPAC, the Jewish Lobby, wishes including $10 billion per year for the religious fascist state of Israel which has assembled nuclear weapons of mass destruction, chemical warfare armories, and torture prisons which are daily utilized against its captive populations in total violation of international law. When what you do is illegal, it can still be done if you have money enough to lance the red blood from the opposition, and what money cannot accomplish, innuendo, lies, deceits, and ownership of a monopoly news media by the friends of the Jewish Lobby or AIPAC can accomplish. If that doesn’t work there is always the threat of the Mossad, which is a known assassination and misrepresentation agency that works in secret to see to it that wrongful articles are written by well paid reporters with half-truths that can sink any legislator’s hope for being elected again if need be.

The Christian Lobby is practically non-existent to these institutions. They have never organized themselves enough, until recently, to affect government to the point of gaining control over its so-called non-corruptible legislators and presidents.

In the United States of America, a new Christian Lobby gained influence due to its work to elect Presidents Reagan, George Bush I, and George Bush II. The ADL began almost immediately to dehumanize and marginalize them by referring to them as "The Religious Right," a phrase which had some unfair and unwise allusions to Nazism, fascism, and other scurrilous movements which really did not relate to the actual goals of the Christians. However, in the parlance of propaganda by the ADL, truth does not matter. The only things that matters to disinformation agencies like the ADL are accusations and bad press, whatever is necessary to defame, demoralize, and destroy any perceived enemy. They have no respect for religions, unless it bears upon the supremacy of Jewish persons to make the rules that inhibit and control the use of power which all religions rightfully possess.

In order to prevent the state schools from being used to further the power of the majority religion, this tiny minority of controllers effectively stuffed the Judiciary committees of the U.S. Senate with Jews and other cooperating minorities and "minority panderers" who would be quick to pass on appointments of Jews and minorities and thus thwart the rightful powers of the majority religions, races, and movements of the nation. This treasonous act was hidden under the vile supposition that "inclusion of all into the society" meant tolerating minorities to the point of invalidating all rights of the majority to exercise its rightful power to dominate its society. Instead, the Jews and minorities were given what seems to be a near majority of influence over a White Christian nation which is injustice to all who are of the majority, because rule by a minority is fascism in the extreme, because it in no way can represent properly the majority interests and thus acts as a strangler of many if not all of the goals of the majority people within the realm.

The Jewish control over the Judiciary, Banking, Military, Ways and Means (Budget), Foreign Relations, and all other important committees has resulted in a Jewish slant to all legislation. Again, this is detrimental to a true representation of Americans in their halls of power. A Jewish run government in no way represents the nation, but acts as a misrepresentation of the nation. It is, in short, a subversive and treasonous activity.

Tolerance in no way means allowing a minority to ever rule a nation. Instead, it means that a minority shall always remain a minority, and, if it behaves, it can live within the realm. One of the ways of behaving is not that of trying to control all educational associations and to then pass platforms which are in Jewish interests. Anyone doing that is prima facie guilty of committing acts of vast intolerance, because the intolerance of the majority in order to placate the minority is turning the reason for democratically controlled organization on its head. Instead of representing majority interests, the Jewish controlled organization rapidly crams anti-majority edicts down the throats of the majority, forcing them to swallow them all or be removed by rules and regulations. Anyone opposing rules which are "pluralistic" and "non-majority" in context is immediately demonized and told that they are no longer needed inside the organization itself, and many are further marginalized by being ridiculed by various shallow ad hominems such as "racist," "anti-progressive," "anti-Semitic," or some other meaningless verbal atrocity.