The Enslavement of Mankind
Copyright 2003 by Frank Weltner. All Rights Reserved.



Multiculturalism is a war against society. Each time you see diversity within a community, even when there is an enforced peace, which is guarded by uniformed police and the threat of military intervention and imprisonment of those protesting such, a state of war is in existence.

Cultures are not diverse. Cultures are a force of many wills acting in concert, as one will.

Anytime a small group of persons is placed inside a larger group, that larger group is perceived as an enemy by the smaller group. You have seen this occur every time you enter a theater and confront an already seated audience. Any person standing, being seated, or caught in the process of leaving—if even for an instant—is seen by himself and the larger group as hostile and someone to be watched and contained for the greater good.

Now, an audience is hardly a nation, yet its activities are group-oriented and immediately perceived by its members to be personal. Each person in the audience is there to see something on a stage or screen or playing field, and, in subjecting themselves to the same audience scrutiny, each member understands in a very personal manner that certain expectations in terms of activities are required for the audience’s greater good. Those expectations might include that the person be quiet, not move constantly so as to bother those behind him, and that he restrict his coming and going as much as possible.

If we amply this audience motif to the point where a new group of persons is immigrated into its mass as a form of alien inoculation, and that new group does not understand the situation and acts inappropriately so as to alarm the audience and destroy its ability to function as a quiet unit, the outcome is not good. Either the audience tires of the game and leaves, thus losing the opportunity to continue the show they had assembled for, or they will forcefully eject the troubling group from their midst and go on with their stated objective for being there.

However, in a nation controlled by a smaller group that is bent upon controlling and destroying the larger group through misinformation, manipulation of their observations of ongoing realities, and cajoling them to remain quiet in the face of their victimization, it is possible to contain the reaction until the victim is rendered unconscious, and that is what the Jewish media is all about during the time period in which the nation being destroyed is slowly invaded by consciously importing groups capable of totally and irreversibly poisoning most of its cultural elements, rendering it dead.

So, tolerance of a smaller group, a group which by its nature is hostile at all times to the larger group, because it perceives that group not as a kind host but as an eternal threat, acts as a bandage upon the wound that the very presence of the smaller group inflicts by its nature upon the larger group. The smaller group is the tiny sore that can totally infect and kill the one that surrounds it, providing the surrounding group allows itself to be cajoled and entertained into submission by the invader.

In fact, toleration is a word that comes from the ability of a body to learn to tolerate a poison, and immigrants are poison to most societies. Under the scenario of tolerance, we, as a society, are supposed to live with the poison of diversity, and build up a tolerance to it, so that we will be able to sustain diversity’s constant attacks upon our culture, our resources, our lives, our religions, and our voting sovereignty which our parasites of diversity constantly dilute with their alien goals, agendas, and their self-serving political organizations which are constantly and purposefully in opposition to majority interests on account of their natural hatred for us as a smaller, threatened group.