The Enslavement of Mankind
Copyright 2003 by Frank Weltner. All Rights Reserved.


Diversity Is The Marshal Tito GAMBIT

In Yugoslavia, the home of World War One, where Gavrilo Princeps who was a Jewish Inspired Anarchist suffering from fatal tuberculosis in Sarajevo shot the son of Archduke Ferdinand and plunged millions of white boys to their untimely deaths, a singular tyrant by the name of Marshal Tito ruled with an iron fist.

Tito ruled a nation which had been caught up in diversity battles, civil wars, and murder for a thousand years, due to the incursion of Suliman of Turkey and his Arab Warriors onto the Greek Mainland of Europe. Here, Christians who had just won out over paganism by demanding toleration which they then used to kill off their adversaries, met a similar, albeit it more rapid fate, when the Turks sliced their way through villages demanding instant conversion to Allah or instant death. Those with enough scruples to see to it that their families would have a protector immediately converted to Islam, and, years later, their progeny lived Islamic lives as though Christianity or paganism had never occurred.

The problem with Yugoslavia was that the Christians continued to present themselves as Slavic warriors, retaking land and summarily offering the converted populace the right to reconvert to Jesus either instantaneously or suffer the same fate as their Christian forebears, death at the sword the Christians placed at their throats.

So, diversity battles were fought back and forth across the plains of Macedonia, in the Passes of Marathon, in the rotted dust bowl atop a limestone mountain that Athens had become, until the end of World War Two, when Marshal Tito entered the picture and placed a communist iron boot against the throats of Yugoslavians from Croatia to the Italian Sea. This tyrant demanded total federalized control over the natives, and, in return, he offered peace between the diverse groups that were fighting incessantly for a peace of land on which to achieve their destinies.

As long as the iron fist and iron boot was applied, the diversity battles disappeared. However, in the 1990’s communism was overthrown, the small diverse nations within the Tito nation of Yugoslavia declared their independence, and the wars began again as though Tito had never existed.

This is the future scenario of the United States and Western Europe where Moslems are infiltrating and planning to take over the majority role of each nation in which they reside, as they did in Yugoslavia. In fact, the federal governments of Europe and the United States and the British Commonwealth Nations understand that what they are doing in developing intense diversity rivalries within their nations is laying the groundwork for a swelling bureaucracy of military and communications might which will propel their federal governments into a the grand status of Chief Inquisitor, a position of total power which is desired by all governments as their reason for existence, because power is the reason for government, and it’s accumulation and increase is a part of the corruption that democracies, tired of their being the slave of people want for themselves. What governments want at their deepest part, is total power over the citizens and the importation of diversity persons with differing agendas, some of them powerful agendas, is the concomitant outcome of their plans to tyrannize their states.

Once the United States and the United Kingdom implant enough diversity to insure general and incipient chaos within the streets on a regular basis, as is seen already in Northern Ireland and will soon take over the rest of Wales, Scotland, and England, the United Kingdom will step forward to announce, when the time is precisely ripe, that, because the people cannot get along, the government is issuing sweeping reforms designed to achieve domestic peace. These reforms will mean the curtailing of freedoms and the emplacement of government’s iron boot across the necks of the people unfortunate enough to be within the realm.

In the United States, this is approaching at an amazing speed, and the tyranny which is already in place with the peaceful takeover and control of NEWS by Semitic communists for the past 90 years, headquartered mostly in New York City from which the Soviet Union was masterminded and offered solace and wealth for many years, the Sovietization of a Tito America will be instantly possible and immediately erected upon the corpse of the once proud Aryan nation of white Christians. The Presidents will appear regularly before Congresses which have already given up most of their power, elections will continue in which issues of "national security" and "diversity challenges" will the be top order of propaganda debates, and the people themselves will line up like robots to be counted and to show their loyalty to their elitist betters in government, begging them to keep their iron boots on everyone’s throat in order to achieve domestic tranquility in the boiling pot of angry diversity.

This is the future of white nations, and all of it is being planned by those in control of them.