The Enslavement of Mankind
Copyright 2003 by Frank Weltner. All Rights Reserved.



If Jesus Christ did not exist, the Jews would have invented him. In fact, they most likely did. Either Jesus lived or not, under a different name, such as Emanuel or Enoch or some other imposing name recognized by the Judaens, or he didnít, but in either case, what was written about him, was not real, but an instrument useful to Jewish power over the Mediterranean World.

Jesus Christ, as a biographical invention, is the embodiment of Judaism whose entire history is played out and then worshipped in the mythical comings and goings of a fictional religious stick-figure character.

One might as well admit that there was no Jesus Christ per se, because both names were prefabricated long after the supposed events surrounding his fictional life. The word "Jesus" means "out of the root of Jesse" and refers to the genealogy of anyone who is related by descent from Jesse, the parental line from which King David of Judah and the North Kingdom of Israel was born and descended. The word "Christ" is Greek, and it means "Messiah." Christ is a word that would not have been used as the name of the supposed "Jesus Christ" as no citizen of Judah would know its meaning.

Why would the Jews either create Jesus Christ out of thin air which Jews would not recognize a man with a Greek name or alter the history of a real Jew of the time using their access to scribes who could manipulate language and make him into a Jewish tool? The answer is world power and a desperate grab at the means to corrupt and destroy a large and overwhelming civilization through deception, the same way that Jacob The Deceiver and the Father of Israel (which means "Man Fight God") deceived his own father into giving him false entitlement to things which were not his right to own. For the Jews have always been true to their Father, Jacob, as they have always supplanted their host mass of people in which they have immigrated and set up shop by entrapping them in myths printed in the newspapers and shown on their television networks.

For Jews, this is "what they do," and no other excuse is needed. Their history shows consistent repetition of the Jacob nastiness in their dealings with innocent Gentiles who allow their poison into their nationís heart, the poison that eventually kills them.

The Judaens were engulfed and culturally demolished by the occupation of Roman Legions in their own nation. Their King Herod was a non-Judaen who was elevated to power by influence and corruption. Herodís rule over the Jews and his ascendancy to the leadership of its religion by de facto powers imposed by Rome on his behalf including the Roman treasury of Judaen taxation which allowed him to rebuild an imposing Temple in Jerusalem to the dead Judaen God, gave him influence and power among the people.

The Judaens themselves, however, were at a loss, because it was Roman power and influence that merely "granted" them the right to worship in what had once been their own country and which was now merely a Roman Province, making them mere provincials where once they supreme power to rule their nationís destiny.

So the Jews developed a religious stick-figure called "Jesus Christ" whose life is a personification of Jewish experiences and histories. For instance, Jesus is born of a "virgin" who was impregnated by God, and thus Jesus is a "new Adam" whose line is totally consistent with the racist Jewish ideal of a people who are related directly to the hand of God Himself.

Jesus was born and escaped to Egypt to avoid the Second Passover of Death whereby Herod kills all of the first-born males in Bethlehem, the City of David who came "out of the root of Jesse" as did "Jesus" which meant the same thing, "out of the root of Jesse," e.g., "Jesus."

Thus, in the death of the first-born and the escape to Egypt, Jesusí first years are parallel to those of the Jews who lived 400 years ruling the land of the Pharaohs as sons of the Pharaohs, very special guests who controlled the granaries, except the last 25 years in which their shenanigans got them enslaved as brick makers as their punishment for mistreating their host masses.