The Enslavement of Mankind
Copyright 2003 by Frank Weltner. All Rights Reserved.



The concept of private property is the method by which all of the holdings of the free people of a nation are handed over to the rich and greedy.

To accomplish the transfer of all property to the banks, each parcel of property must first be owned by an individual and then confiscated to the bank’s coffers using a variety of fraudulent methods, the most useful of which are outright purchase and default assumptions of properties based upon loans which the owners are unable to repay.

In either case, the property becomes someone else’s—i.e., an organization or person who is usually in the elitist classes.

New technologies emerge from time to time, but the age old methods for confiscation and transfer of those technologies into the coffers of the weatlhy are accomplished easily and regularly. Many if not most of these technologies are transferred through outright purchase. Thus, radio and television frequencies became the private properties first of small private owners and then to the holdings of large corporations holding hundreds of such properties within their web of influence.

In the case of land, technological property, intellectual property, consumer goods brands, oil, military supply corporations, automotive manufacturers, and all other companies, the usual mode of development is accomplished by a small individual either fencing off land and improving it, or starting a fledgling technology or company and growing it, starting a small newspaper or magazine which he grows into an interesting item for elitists to pluck with huge offerings of money, or applying for a station frequency in the case of media. Once the individual has done the grunt work and achieved profitability and growth, the elitists begin to take notice and circle like hawks searching for small prey. Through loans which are called or through outright purchasing of stock or negotiation of the property’s sale price at a figure which the owner cannot resist, these companies fall into the web of the holdings of the very wealthy and out of the realm of the small individual.