The Enslavement of Mankind
Copyright 2003 by Frank Weltner. All Rights Reserved.



The realities inside of you are locally rendered and experienced. So are the realities of all people. It is therefore wrong and impossible for a larger group to enforce its own collectivized local ideals upon you, and for it to attempt to do so is evil committed against you.

All religions, associations, armies, and governments are the result of people from localized realities joining together in the illusion that common aspects exist among them. Nothing is further from the truth.

What occurs in these organizations is this: A person, persons, or groups, possibly tribes even, or religions, or some entity of common persecution among its addicted followers attempts to gain control over that organization and to enforce its own collectivist localisms upon all of the localities it can muster its power within. This is the very definition of entrapment, seduction, and tyranny against mankind.

Each nation is a trap into which localities are placed, a trap in which the locality of others is enforced upon its own situation. The concept is divisive, schizophrenic, and insane. The local persons, each of whom has a personal experience, is inundated by the concepts of the controlling locality which has ensconced itself at the top of the larger organizational structure. From that topmost position, edicts are passed down to the other local areas, transforming them into

The only correctly functioning organizations of any type are those that exist solely to insure than all local areas are allowed to function with total home rule. Organizations that attempt to pass laws or regulations which usurp local power are prima facie corrupters of freedom and dignity.