The Enslavement of Mankind
Copyright 2003 by Frank Weltner. All Rights Reserved.



It is the natural right of all children not to be educated. 

For millennia, children were born and raised without formal schooling. Many children lived with their families, meeting no one else. 

Government located these persons through the building of a road to their place of abode. In almost all cases government was not asked to perform this act of intrusion upon the lives of families. Governmental intrusion upon a self-sufficient family has never given government any right to haul a child out of its house on a daily basis for the purpose of education.

Education is, in fact, the propagandizing and standardization of human being by a higher authority of government, which is a prime governmental fiction, because, in effect, there is no higher authority than a self-sufficient and fully independent human being who requires no governmental interference whatever to lead a perfectly satisfactory life.

Government to self-sufficient people is a non-necessity and is at best superfluous and at worst dictatorial.

Eduication violates equal protection. Today's laws concerning mandatory education of children violate the equal protection clauses of the Constitution of the United States, because immigrants are regularly admitted to the United States without the formality of education being a requirement for their visas, work permits, status, or naturalization. Therefore, to require that children born here should be mass educated in a manner different from that required of immigrants not born here represents non-equal application of the laws, and such laws which pertain to only a part of the population and not to all are strictly prohibited by the United States Constitution.

The reason government wishes to propagandize and brainwash all of its citizens is to establish and maintain its control. In addition, the government may wish to develop skills in each person within its domain which it can use to exploit them as economic units in a system of exploitation in which their work product is taxed, their purchases are taxed, and their private property is taxed. If government received nothing in return for the expense of education, it would not go to the trouble. Its reward is the eternal slavery of citizens who are corrupted in each generation in perpetuity into becoming its work units or slaves instead of self-reliant individuals who live alone and need no roads supplying a trade route to outside entities to sustain themselves.

Today's education is divided into sections. These sections include, among other options, the restructuring of social behavior to replace, undermine, and overwhelm existing family modes in favor of modes from a governmental force which is in opposition to the family, group pressure, reading, mathematics, history, physical education, art, and diversity training to insure that persons from other races, ethnicities, and religions, whom they instinctively find repugnant, will nonetheless be tolerated as acceptable, even when they are not and can never be.

Whoever controls education, controls the eyes and ears of the youth, supercedes the family itself as the final arbiter of what is right, reduces the student to a cog in something far larger and more powerful than the family, utterly destroys the cohesiveness of family existence, and replaces it with blind obedience to a higher and more secret force laced with fear of the unknown and of a vast power that can crush the student under certain circumstances, fostering loyalty to government.

The reason for education is not to train persons for work, although this is the rationale government gives. 

The reason for education is the breaking down of family and tribal loyalties through the mass extinction of individual respect for the primal authority of the father-mother-child unit and replacing it with respect for individual teachers who are complete strangers, many of whom, if you ask most students, are not worthy of any respect whatsoever.

The final outcome is the fostering and nurturing of a totalitarian viewpoint, albeit laced with some indications that such behavior is to be doubted. However, since group education is a totalitarian endeavor, as the ideal teacher is an iron dictator of each classroom who is committed to facts as opposed to peoples' emotions, the student graduates with a blind respect for authority even when it is from a ludicrous individual who represents some blind position of power just in order to cooperate for the sake of cooperating, which is the proper learned response of the educated child.

Such persons are more easily utilized by the government, being thoroughly regimented en masse over years of propaganda and disciplining until they become true tools of the regime, their loyalties having been transferred from the father and mother and siblings to a far away government, many of them are all the more easily conscripted, mentally gang raped, and terrorized by the military authorities to be utilized as cannon fodder and not as human beings by authoritarian governments in times of war, economic travails, and other difficult periods of a nation's history, goals, and objectives.

A person whose loyalties are more to tribe and family than to a centralized power is a man who has not been properly educated and who lives his life in an improperly unindoctrinated state, rendering the corporation known as government impotent to his needs, and leaving his loyalties to his family, his tribe, his race, his religion, and his people. A geographical area including a majority of such persons represents a clear and ever-present danger to governments, for these areas are not yet under "the yoke" and enslaved to the thoughtless powers of the unseen hands of human force that reduce citizens to mere dehumanized units for mass utilization.

The aim of government is to occupy all family and tribal land, to force the children into schools for mass indoctrination and dehumanization. Education is the propaganda used for control of mankind by those who wish to corrupt the youth and control their lives from the cradle to the grave.

Mass education is the major instrument for their propaganda. It befits the corruption objectives of government as regards government's plan for enslaving all who live inside their system of roads and highways, which are the arteries they build into all areas within their domain  in order to locate, ensnare, and enslave the masses to do their will and to pay them for all of those things which they used to do for themselves without anyone taking money from them for the privilege of attending to their own business of providing for themselves.

By making all such business the business of government, and entwining its mechanisms into the structure and presenting an open hand at all times which takes money from the people for things they can do for themselves, the government exacts the right to steal a portion of each person's work product, same as any mafia group extorts protection money from those within its domain, for the government itself is a criminal enterprise with publicists who publish daily propaganda rationales falsely explaining why they are good for the people who are unfortunate enough to live within its structure, when, in fact, they--the government itself--are really the people's enemy and conqueror.