The Enslavement of Mankind
Copyright 2003 by Frank Weltner. All Rights Reserved.

The Dictatorship of the Minority

During the last hundred years or so, the Europeans have paid lip service to religion for the sake of maintaining control over their populations. This usually means perfunctory observation of holidays and special occasions including the opening ceremonies with the usual prayers from several religious leaders, all designed to placate the populace with the false belief that religion plays a part in the lives of their leaders.

Recently, religion has been cast aside by the owners of media which use NEWS, entertainment, commentary, music, sports, and other genres of manipulation to keep the populace entertained and propagandized, much the same as religion was useful to that purpose in the past. Now, the priests and bishops have been replaced with stick figures of household popularity known as talking heads and superstars whose familiar faces have taken the place of ministers for much of the population. As long as these talking heads carefully support the governmentís stance, the system of propagandizing remains intact and the population is just as transfixed as if done so by religion.

In addition, minorities who have nothing to do with the majority populations have noticed that they can take hold of the minds of entire populations, magnify their own voices, and silence the usual destiny which majorities usually are allotted in their own nations. Now, mere minorities of one-half percent of the population can exert total mind control by monopolization of the larger nationís media holdings.

This is the exact situation of the United States as it is in Russia, Israel, Australia, and Canada where the same minority of less than 1%-2% has been allowed to monopolize almost all of the media, gaining total obeisance to the eyes and ears of entire populations numbering more than 500 million persons or the remaining 98%-99% of the demeaned and controlled population which they have colonized in this manner.

In addition, to controlling the minds of the majorities and other minorities, a small clique of conspirators has been able to also conquer their governments by dictating who, when, and where events are covered in the media, which gives them the ability to decide whether to elevate certain persons to stardom in politics and entertainment or relegate them to permanent obscurity by not allowing them any coverage and thereby liquidating them as assets to their communities.