The Enslavement of Mankind
Copyright 2003 by Frank Weltner. All Rights Reserved.



Each country is a criminal enterprise.

Think of it as a Mafia hideout. Within its borders, the criminals are protected. They control all of the arms necessary to complete their clandestine arrangements.

If you were on top, either a Congressman or President or Governor, you would understand.

But you are not.

Instead you are subject to all of the wiles of reporting that their journals place into your mind day and night, keeping you blind from the corruption which those on top, who are in the know, dine upon, feasting on trillions of dollars in taxes, speculative markets, and currencies.

No one can stop them. The borders are manned by thugs with guns who are dressed in uniforms that represent armies, air forces, navies, each of them with a history that tells them they are doing good things with their weapons, whereas, what they are doing is protecting the Dons of Corruption who are exploiting them even to the point of wars and death.

The entire fantasy of the nation is held together with the glue of Democracy which is ladled out in newspapers and on television networks as something that insures that the people will rule over their own destinies. If this were true, there would be no immigration of foreigners into their nations, and the fact that such immigration, especially of strange people from even stranger countries, is proof prima facie that their nation has been taken over by gangsters who would even destroy their own culture and race in order to continue their criminal operation.

Money is the final measurement of the success of these criminals. They adorn themselves with large bank accounts and fly airplanes that you provide for them with tax money you have supplied for them to use in any way they see fit.

They use the elections in which you vote as the argument that they are not stealing from you, that, instead, they are representing you. Yet, you have never once had a single word with any of these Congressmen and Presidents who are your thieves who steal from your family.

The national criminal enterprise is run for profit and power.

The Mafia who run the enterprise do so through backdoor agreements with bankers, speculators, political personalities, and all other persons who see fit to support them.

If you try to run for an office, you will be scrutinized. If you agree to do the will of the Mafia, to cuddle up close to these people, there is a chance you might be allowed a small office in the state or city where you reside. To do this, you need to be non-threatening to the Mafia.

This means that you will be for the continuation of the robbery that is going on. You will have to not threaten their money stream, which means that you must agree to the present status quo which means that the criminal nation will continue to steal from everyone who works for a living as well as from those who do not work. As long as the stream of money flows through the tax collecting networks which the criminal legislators have votes to support for their own personal use through benefits packages that would befit a King or Queen, you can possibly find room at the criminal smorgasbrod.

If you eat enough of the taxes as a junior politician and listen carefully and agree with the status quo of criminality, you might become "adopted" by the elites as one of their useful idiots, someone to be used and then discarded before you become a threat to them and their complete ownership of the hoodwinked and slavish citizens who are taught over and over that their nation is the best in the world, that their form of government, whether a dictatorship or a democracy, is the best form of government in the world, the most fair, and the most necessary.

You, the citizen as sucker, are the tool that makes the entire profitable game possible. You will never rebel against them, and most likely, you will never be made aware of the sickness upon which the government has built itself into a never-ending stripper of wallets, purse strings, and bank accounts.