The Enslavement of Mankind
Copyright 2003 by Frank Weltner. All Rights Reserved.



Government teaches us that the common good requires us to give up our personal freedom to obtain safety, luxuries, advanced methods, and other of its so-called "goods".

Safety as a result of government is a lie.

Most governments either cordon off justice to suit the wealthiest or refuse to punish and remove the guilty from the presence of their victims. By standing in the way of localized justice administered with sticks and shovels, the government acts as a barrier between free persons and their natural inclinations to protect themselves.

In most instances, the government will interview and arrest a criminal, then do everything in its power to release him, for a released criminal represents another reason for the enslaved victim population to rely even more heavily upon government goons to help them.

If government disposed of all criminals in an effective manner, rendering the people literally free of crimes, the immediate effect would be the freeing of the people from the worry of crime. If the populace is free from the worry of crime, then the need for government to protect them declines. This is not in the interest of those who run government, so, as usual, the needs of government conflict 180 degrees with the needs of the people, and government wins so that the people will lose.