The Enslavement of Mankind
Copyright 2003 by Frank Weltner. All Rights Reserved.



Cities are the hallmarks of civilization and enslavement. Cities are killing fields for a nationís enemies to do their worst.

Cities have made wars different, because these are the manufacturing bases for all wars and must be bombed for a positive outcome by oneís enemies. As such, they are lures of damnation, illuminating the lines of the 82nd Airborne motto: "Death from the Sky."

All who live in cities are a part of the target, because their presence most likely indicates they are playing some part in the war effort. Even if there is no role for all residents in a city, their closeness makes them a target, and, in any event, they are most likely supporting the war through taxation.

Cities attacked in wars include Constantinople, Rome, Kiev, Vienna, New York (Revolution Attack on Long Island), and Richmond/Atlanta/Vicksburg.

In Europe, until recently, most cities were open and not bombed. However, the castles of Europe and the Middle East were bombed with artillery and their walls busted down by Napoleon and the Turkish Suliman.