The Enslavement of Mankind
Copyright 2003 by Frank Weltner. All Rights Reserved.



Jesus Christ is a tool utilized by Jews over the last 2,000 years to destroy Gentile Empires by bringing them under the Jewish yoke.

The Jews have been able to do this by convincing Gentiles that a stick-figure representing Jewish history is a real Man-God whose suffering and death, like the suffering and death of the Jewish people themselves, represented the only hope for Divine intervention in the lives and destinies of the poorly governed Gentile Races.

The problem which Jews have always had in controlled empires hundreds of times more populated that their own obscure tribal insufficiency has been to contain the Gentiles’ exuberance of worship so that it would not interfere with Jewish aims and ideals. To do this, they have invented two major religions—Christianity and Islam—as well as hundreds of socialist centrist-governing camps dedicated to the same aims as the new bastardized proto-Jewish faiths which they have created for our amusement—e.g., communism, socialism, anarchism, the new Democratic Party of the USA, the Republican-Democratic megalith, unionism, media monopolization, banking, world wars, Freudianism, Zionism, the anti-Semitic/anti-majority schemata, the hate misidentification and obscuration industry, courtism (by which Jewish lawyers and judges dish out legislation against the wishes of the majority peoples via court fiat), immigration to destroy the host mass, integration to destroy the host mass, open borders, and the destruction of national will to survive.

To do this, the Jews have had to control the writing and publication of books which most recently translated into the monopoly ownership not only of traditional paper publishing but of other emerging mass media types including film, video, TV, radio, cable, satellite, and internet, all of which are solidly in Jewish ownership hands. Without the control of religion, media, and mass political movements, the Jews would still be insignificant. With the control of these entities in Jewish hands, however, the denizens of all nations are able to act freely, hidden, and sometimes openly to destroy their host masses. In addition, most of the references of knowledge to which non-Jews must research to oppose prevailing ideas are written and controlled by the Judeo-Bolshevik publications owners so that the outcomes of most research assuredly achieve outcomes that are soundly rooted only in Judeo-Bolshevist thoughts.

Jesus Christ is the embodiment of Judaism whose entire history is played out and then worshipped in the mythical biography of a fictional religious stick-figure character. His original followers were Judeo-Bolsheviks who sold all of their property, gave it to the central Christian authority, and became a penniless follower of his every whim and order. Anyone not showing complete obedience was removed, but none of his money was ever returned.

There was no Jesus Christ, because both names were prefabricated long after the supposed events surrounding his fictional life. The word "Jesus" means "out of the root of Jesse" and refers to the genealogy of anyone who is related by descent from Jesse, the parental line from which King David of Judah and the North Kingdom of Israel was born and descended. The word "Christ" is Greek, and it means "Messiah." Christ is a word that would not have been used as the name of the supposed "Jesus Christ" as no citizen of Judah would know its meaning.

The Judeans were engulfed and culturally demolished by the occupation of Roman Legions in their own nation. Their King Herod was a non-Judean who was elevated to power by influence and corruption. Herod’s rule over the Jews and his ascendancy to the leadership of its religion by de facto powers imposed by Rome on his behalf including the Roman treasury of Judean taxation which allowed him to rebuild an imposing Temple in Jerusalem to the dead Judean God, gave him influence and power among the people.

The Judeans themselves, however, were at a loss, because it was Roman power and influence that merely "granted" them the right to worship in what had once been their own country and which was now merely a Roman Province, making them mere provincials where once they held supreme power to rule their nation’s destiny.

Their answer came when Constantine elevated Christianity to the official religion of Rome. This momentous event gave the Judeans mastery over the Roman world as long as they could effectively manipulate the Church and Emperors alike, working each against the other.

Although the Empire and Christianity both considered Jews openly to be outcasts, nonetheless in the background they allowed them to control the currency which regulated all of the economies of the various nations within the Empire, because it had been written into the Bible that only Jews could do this and only for non-Jews. Anyone controlling the currency and banking through which it is funneled is truly the master of those nations.

Since the Bible said the Jews could practice usury only against non-Jews, eventually the Jews, protected from usury, became wealthy and powerful far beyond their numbers, and their hatred of the people of Rome for having destroyed their nation was thus revenged over and over for hundreds of years at their hands which continues to happen in the modern world where Jews still control these nations through banking and their monopoly over currency speculations, banking, securities trading, and other forms of exchange through which they control and profit from all of the channels of trade between Empires.