The Enslavement of Mankind
Copyright 2003 by Frank Weltner. All Rights Reserved.


The Present Situation
Christianity to Control the Masses  
The Dictatorship of the Minority 
Cities Are Killing Fields
Crime and Safety Lies  
Education and Propagandizing of Children
Institutions & Propaganda--The Methods Governments Use to Troll for The Most Willing Adherents
Evolution of Science from Western Religious Ideals
Romans and Jews
Jews as Bonafide Military Targets
Proclamation of Decolonization
Abolishing Old Belief Systems
Government Enslavement by Locals at the Top
How Most Property Ends Up in Elite Hands
Multiculturalism and the Poisoning of a Society

Criminal Nation
Patriotism--Theirs and Ours
Private Property
Products and Slavery
Punishment for an Evil People
Roads and Transportation
Slavery of Workers
The Right to Privacy
The Jewish Christian Movement to Destroy Gentiles
The Marshal Tito Gambit
Tolerance and Death
The Trolls of Currency